Virtual traveling

Virtual Traveling
How to Indulge Your Wanderlust at Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus has put a break on most of our regular activities and things can get a little bare and frustrating few days. We can travel, yet, without travelling with our minds, relive some adventures and explore the world through computer technology, virtual reality.

There’s a high chance you have cancelled your travel plans for the next few months and you are probably wondering how to indulge your wanderlust at home during the corona-virus pandemic.

We have listed up a bunch of activities that will not only keep you busy but also keep your wanderlust spirit alive.

1. Read books, watch movies/Documentaries

 You can visualize those moments and interact with those characters in the imaginary world of virtual traveling.

 Here are few books, movies and documentaries listed for you:


Into thin air: A personal account of the mount everst disaster by Jon Krakauer

Into the wild by Pan

Four Seasons of Travel: 400 of the World’s Best Destinations in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

Early Sunrise, Early Sunset: Tales of a Solo Woman Traveler Across North East and East India

The Shooting Star: A Girl, Her Backpack and the World

My side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

Turn Right To Machu Picchu

Seven Years In Tibet, Murakami Books ( especially Norwegian wood)

Under The Tuscan Sun

On the Road

The Alchemist

Tales from the Road…


Motorcycle diaries, Midnight in Paris, Touching the Void (2003), North face (2008), The wildest dream (2010), Everest (2015), Cliffhanger (1993), Encounters at the end of the word (2007), Himalaya with Micheal Palin (2004)

2. Learn a new language

Learning a new language helps you to make your future trip more meaningful –where you can make friends easily, find local food  places etc. Learning a language is easy, thanks to the technology.

3. Revisit your past adventures and create a physical scrapbook of all your favorite travel photos!

Did you watch Bollywood movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani? Do you remember the scrapbook Ranbir Kapoor made for his travel dreams? Take this time to get crafty! You can find travel scrapbooks here.

4. Decorate your place

It’s the best way to fuel your wanderlust dreams. You can DIY various travel theme products or  get creative with Travel theme large wall clock, DIY travel string lights, Travel wall paintings, Laptop cover, Travel tambola housie tickets, Travel themed mugs, Handmade travel theme books, Travel theme shoes Scratch off map poster, World map sticker, Vintage globe, and one of my favorite is Adhesive cork board world map.

5. Work on your storytelling

If you’re a travel writer, blogger, photographer or any kind of storyteller, you’re probably full of stories. The readers who desire to travel but couldn’t, you can narrate your journey and help them explore the place.

6. Learn Something New

Learn a musical instrument? How about cooking sushi? Learn Calligraphy for your Turkish vibes, spend time on yoga, or enroll to an online course of your choice. You can even try to travel sketching, travel street photography, drone photography and what not!

7. Keep planning & researching

Read some travel stories, start doing research and get ready to book your trip when everything is safe and secure.

8. Camp in your garden

Well, just pitch a tent in your garden or balcony, cook food and have a nap.

9. Try out new hobbies

This might be the perfect time to pick a new hobby, it can be cooking, writing, or any form of art or learning a new musical instrument.

10. Work on your fitness levels

Never give your workouts a break! All it takes is a little motivation and off you go!

11. Listen to travel podcast

Few suggested travel podcasts are Indie Travel, Travel With Rick Steves, Amateur Traveler, Women Who Travel, The Expat Chat

12. Catch a sunrise/sunset at home

Did you wake up at 4 am just to catch a glimpse of sunrise? Well, you should try that from your balcony or nearby hill. I know it’s not Maldives, but its something!

13. Recreate a meal from a trip

How about sushi? Look up for recipies online and experiment them in your kitchen.

14. Start/Update Your Travel Blog!

Just write, upload and update and share.

15. Explore virtual tour

The internet is full of breathtaking pictures, travel vlogs and videos or various destinations. Travelers can “experience” far-flung destinations with these virtual traveling experiences

Dekho Apna Desh : Virtual traveling in India

Using the current technology, India’s Ministry of Tourism launched an initiative that allows people to explore the depth of the culture and heritage of Incredible India, virtually. Named “Dekho Apna Desh” or “See Your Country”, it is a series of webinars that hosts sessions on different cities of India to highlight their tourist attractions, history and culture.

Virtual traveling in famous landmarks in India

Virtual traveling in famous landmarks outside India

Art Virtual Traveling

Virtual traveling in a Space quest

Miscellaneous Virtual traveling

Of course, none of these ways of virtual traveling can compete with real-life adventures – not even in full screen mode. But for now, just for now, it’s all we have.

Should I travel after airports resume their operations?

It’s not a good idea for various reasons:

  • It’s not the same anymore. Seeing someone sneezing or coughing shivers you down the spine. You have trust issues wherever you stay and with such anxiety there is no fun down the road.
  • The fear of carrying the virus with no symptoms. If we travel we could carry it to various places. It’ll be chaos.
  • The fear of infecting the virus to your family. We can’t risk being the vectors infecting them.
  • Flights, buses and trains can be coronavirus hotspots. Travelling with scores of people is a small environment is a big NO.

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